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Launch: State of Open Data Policy Repository

A collection of recent policy changes related to data collaboration.

Posted on 16th of May 2022 by Marine Ragnet

Launch: State of Open Data Policy Repository
Launch: State of Open Data Policy Repository

To accompany its State of Open Data Policy Summit, the Open Data Policy Lab is happy to announce today the release of a new resource to assess recent policy developments surrounding  open data, data reuse, and data collaboration around the world: State of Open Data Repository of Recent Developments.

This document examines recent legislation, directives, and proposals that affect open data and data collaboration. Its goal is to capture signals of concerns, direction and leadership as to determine what stakeholders may focus on in the future. The review currently surfaced approximately 50 examples of recent legislative acts, proposals, directives, and other policy documents, from which the Open Data Policy Lab draws findings about the need to promote more innovative policy frameworks.

This collection demonstrates that, while there is growing interest in open data and data collaboration, policy development still remains nascent and focused on open data repositories at the expense of other collaborative arrangements. As we indicated in our report on the Third Wave of Open Data, there is an urgent need for governance frameworks at the local, regional, and national level to facilitate responsible reuse. 

The repository will be updated on a regular basis as new developments are spotted or shared with us. Please help us keep the repository up-to-date by sharing any suggestions or comments to [email protected]

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