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Open Data Week 2022: How to ignite the Third Wave of Open Data in New York City

Identifying Ways to Promote More Purpose Led, Collaborative, and Responsible Data Openness

Posted on 2nd of March 2022 by Andrew Zahuranec

Open data has the potential to transform how we govern while empowering individuals and enabling economic growth. Since signing its open data law in 2012, the City of New York has demonstrated that fact better than almost any city. Government officials, businesses, and the public have used it to promote the public good in the areas they work. 

The question, now, is how to build on the city’s achievements. Based on The GovLab’s research, that entails embracing the Third Wave of Open Data, a set of actions and priorities that seeks to enable impactful and responsible re-use of data to tackle societal challenges and to provide for equity and opportunity, especially through inter-sectoral collaborations and partnerships.

As part of Open Data Week 2022, The GovLab will host a virtual panel conversation on 7 March at 12:00 PM to discuss these issues. Titled “Toward a Third Wave of Open Data for New York City,” the panel will rely on the framework provided by the Third Wave of Open Data and examples of ongoing data work across New York and other municipalities. Participants will discuss ways the city can promote responsible and effective reuse of data to meet the needs of its residents. The conversation will include: 

  • Stefaan Verhulst, Co-Founder and Chief Research and Development Officer, The GovLab
  • Oscar Romero, Program Director, NYC Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer
  • Tara Pham, Founder and CEO, Numina
  • Meg Young, Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell Tech’s Digital Life Initiative and Fellow in the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer, City of New York
  • Sam Roberts, Head of Open Data & Open Government, UK Cabinet Office

Panelists will also review current trends, challenges, and opportunities regarding NYC open data, and the ways that data (re)use and the Third Wave has changed over the course of the pandemic. 

Sign-ups for the event are open today. Learn more and register here. Find out about other NYC Open Data Week events here.

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