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Participant Testimonials

Reflections from the first two cohorts of learners

Posted on 19th of January 2022 by The Govlab

Participant Testimonials
Participant Testimonials

“What an honor to stand in the presence of such brilliant and thoughtful colleagues. It was so refreshing to be around people who were thinking about data strategy and to hear the things they were thinking. [Peer] presentations helped me feel as if I wasn't alone in my wanderings, and validated that my wanderings were 100% appropriate. Like there was not some ‘train’ I had missed, and I was sitting back at the station while everyone else was well on their way to their destination.” -- Kristin Medlin, Director of Research, Collaboratory & HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions


“[T]he new network created among participants gave a very good opportunity to discuss our respective programmes and look for solutions. I have been in contact with a few guests and participants since the beginning of the course to discuss how to enhance [my institution’s] programmes.” -- Eugenia Olliaro, Program Officer, Responsible Data for Children, UNICEF


“This course was an incredible opportunity to learn from experienced peers, receive mentorship from academic and industry experts, and set strategy for a post-pandemic world, where public institutions need to set priorities with data and answer questions with data. It has been an honor to be a part of this inaugural cohort of Data Stewards, and I look forward to contribute to our growing community!” -- Christine Keung, Chief Data Officer, Mayor’s Office on Technology and Innovation, City of San Jose


“I highly recommend the Data Stewardship Executive Education course. The lectures, the speakers and the visits to different Data Offices were exceptionally well curated. It is also a great opportunity for networking and discussing with peer about problems and challenges that all Data Stewards face in our daily work.” -- Juliana Outes Velarde, Data Steward, Government Outcomes Lab (GO Lab), Oxford University


“In eight short weeks, I saw data stewardship in action like never before. The combination of lectures on data stewardship framework, virtual site visits and guest lectures from practitioners across the globe and spectrum of industries served to center my resolve in my own work. The participant cohort was incredible, both in their accomplishments and their aspirations and their active participation enhanced the overall program. The read-ahead materials for each week were a goldmine of actionable resources. Every single class I took away one or more items that were put into play right away. I’ll be re-taking many segments of the class to strengthen my understanding.” -- Jaime Lees, Chief Data Officer, Arlington County Government    


“The Data Stewardship Course is extremely fascinating for it provides a great amount of valuable information and methods that are readily applicable. The course is rich in content and perspectives and is definitely a must-do to anyone looking to work with data with excellence.” -- Otávio Neves, Director for Transparency and Civic Engagement for Government Oversight at the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General


"This course is a wonderful resource for any organization considering creating, expanding or refining data use strategies and processes. Every presentation, reading and discussion added depth and breadth to data stewardship. The course combines methodology and application for an immediate ‘return on investment’ at all stages of data use strategy and implementation. I look forward to continued contact with the program leads and peers for continued growth of my project and my skills." -- Karen Hampton, All Payer Claims Program Manager, Oregon Health Authority


"With the Data Stewards Executive Program I was able to bootstrap our data-sharing project called TrustRelay into a more cohesive, real-world solution to tackle collaboration among organizations." -- Jorge Alvarado, Jorge Alvarado, Chief Technology Officer at Swisscom Blockchain


"Studying and reflecting always favors opportunities to grow and when you do it with the guidance of such expert people and walk side by side with colleagues who are experiencing similar challenges, what is generated is a vibrant digital agora that offers valuable insights". -- Sergio Carrera Riva Palacio, General Director of Data Integration, Analysis and Research at National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) Mexico


"Wonderful course, excellent world class facilitators and guest faculty. I received an excellent big picture of the data stewardship' state of the art. Excellent classmates". -- Federico Segui, Deputy Director General, National Statistical Institute of Uruguay


"This is an excellent Data Stewardship course. It starts with an ambitious proposal, to rethink the Data Stewardship role, and succeeds at this goal because of its professors, classes, speakers and guests. Moreover, it is great to get in touch with talented colleagues and to find out about their projects and approaches. It is a unique opportunity to debate with peers about the current –and future- challenges that we face working with data." -- Manuel Agustín Zapico, 


"The course allowed me to improve my knowledge about open data and especially how to connect data needs with resources, as well as to develop a data stewardship strategy to apply in the projects that I manage. It also offered me the opportunity to learn about experiences and real use cases, listening to the people who carry them out in different countries. It was also an opportunity to expand my network of professional contacts with the possibility of exploring future collaborations." -- Eduardo Béjar Feijoó, Executive Director, Fundación de Ayuda por Internet (FUNDAPI)

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