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Apply Now for the Second Cohort of the Data Stewards Academy Executive Education Course

Posted on 4th of May 2021 by Andrew Young

Apply Now for the Second Cohort of the Data Stewards Academy Executive Education Course
Apply Now for the Second Cohort of the Data Stewards Academy Executive Education Course

Developing a Data Reuse Strategy for Public Problems, a Data Stewards Academy executive education course, is now accepting applicants for its second cohort of learners. The course helps data stewards — responsible data leaders in the public and private sector — develop a data re-use strategy to solve public problems. Noting the ways data resources can inform their day-to-day and strategic decision-making, we teach participants ways they can use data to improve how they operate and pursue goals in the public’s interests. By working differently — using agile methods and data analytics — public sector and private sector leaders can further open data and reduce data access inequities in ways that advance their institution’s goals. The course is part of the Open Data Policy Lab, an initiative from The GovLab with support from Microsoft.

The Data Stewardship Executive Education Course was designed and implemented by program leads Stefaan Verhulst, co-founder and chief research development officer at the GovLab, and Andrew Young, The GovLab’s knowledge director, in close collaboration with a global network of expert faculty and advisors.


The course intends to attract and develop highly talented aspiring data stewards who are interested in better incorporating data reuse into their operations. While an application to participate is free, participation will be limited to a small cohort who work concretely on data collaboration issues or are tasked by their organization to act as data stewards. Ideal applicants will have several years of experience in a leadership role and demonstrate the capacity to work across sectors.

Candidates are invited to apply until Friday, May 21, 2021. We will notify accepted applicants shortly thereafter. Admission is a selective process based on your professional achievement and organizational responsibilities.

Interested in learning more from the participants and guest faculty from the 1st Data Stewards Academy learning cohort? Read their testimonials and reflections at this link.

Interested in learning more about the focus and structure of the Data Stewards Academy before applying? Looking to take the course at your own pace? Last week, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Open Data Policy Lab, we released a self-directed learning program adapted from the selective executive education course to share insights and methodologies more broadly and to advance data stewardship in the field at large.

*Please Note: If you applied during the application period for the first cohort, you will be considered automatically for the second cohort. If you’d like to update your application or share new materials, please do so through the application form.

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