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Announcing the first Data Stewards Academy Executive Education Course focused on Data Re-Use in Cities

Over the course of eight weeks, participants will learn about the ways they can re-use data in a city context to pursue goals in the public’s interest.

Posted on 1st of May 2023 by Adrienne Schmoeker

In 2020, nearly 4.2 billion people lived in cities. This number is expected to double by 2050. Cities face new and emerging challenges every day. Strained by climate change, crumbling infrastructure, and growing inequity, there is an urgent need for institutions to find new ways to make decisions, solve public problems, and improve how they operate. 

In recent years, data has been increasingly made accessible and used to inform policies and interventions targeted at these societal issues. Yet, many of these data initiatives—for instance open data, data collaboratives, and other models—never scale beyond pilots. They often remain fragmented. Collectively, we need to move into a third wave of open data. It is more important than ever to be strategic and purposeful, to find new ways to connect the demand for data with its supply to meet institutional objectives in a systematic, sustainable and socially responsible way.

This course will help data stewards (and aspiring data stewards) ride the third wave and develop a data access and re-use strategy to inform public interest decisions and solve societal problems in a city context. From May to July 2023, leaders in data stewardship from sixteen different countries, from Brazil to Bhutan, will learn ways to use data to promote public good in their work with cities. 

The Data Stewards Academy’s Executive Education Course is part of The GovLab’s Open Data Policy Lab, a program supporting responsible data re-use with support from Microsoft’s Open Data Campaign. The executive education course trains data leaders in the public, nonprofit, research and private sectors interested in developing data reuse strategies to solve public problems. Over the course of eight weeks, participants will learn about the ways they can re-use data in a city context to pursue goals in the public’s interest. 

We’re excited to welcome our new cohort of twenty data leaders: 

To learn more about the course (or to follow along) see the self-directed resource available publicly on the Open Data Policy Lab website


If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, be sure to sign up for the Data Stewards Network Newsletter where you can learn more about the Academy’s future course offerings and receive alerts when applications for additional cohorts open in the future.  


PHOTO: Opéra de Rennes by Sebastian Brito used via an Unsplash License

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